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Does your website overwhelm you?

You may have tried building your own website. Perhaps you got your website running. It might be that you’re asking yourself the following questions.

  • How do I make sure I my website attracts the right clients?
  • How do I invite visitors to stay?
  • How do I generate (more) sales through my website?
  • How do I speak the language of my audience?
  • How do I set up the systems to track and capture my audience?

When you have a business to run every day it’s understandable that thinking of your online message can make you feel overwhelmed, confused or frustrated.

Businesses are moving online

The online market space is growing every day and will be booming in the coming years. Business insider recently reported an estimated growth of 8% to 12% in the US and a doubling of the market in just 3 years in South East Asia.

Will your business profit from this move?

Make Your Transition Online Simple and Frustration Free!

Whether you’re moving your brick and mortar business online or you’re looking to target a new audience. We are here to support you in your journey. The following services will help you in ever step in your business growth.


Target Audience Research

Who buys your services? Get to know your audience intimately.

Brand Identity Coaching

What’s at the ‘heart’ of your business? What makes people come back? What do you stand for to bring your clients an experience each time?

Web Development

How do you translate your core message to a page that sells? We build pages that speak and connect with the clients you want.

From Our Clients

“Maarten helped me to get insights into my customers and it was such an eye-opening experience. We think we know our customers but he taught me that asking customers the right questions and giving them a voice allows you to learn so much more. We translated that into a web strategy and that’s really helped me generate leads online.”

Annie Wong

Co-Founder, Phyx

“I easily get caught up in the day-to-day operations of running my small business. So when it comes to finding ways to improve, I often over-complicate things or become biased in my chosen solutions. Maarten and Perfect Pitch have lent a second pair of eyes to review my web hosting services, find ways to clean up my selling points, and avoid industry cliches.”

Justin Ponce

Owner, Fissionblue Creative

“I had a linkedin optimisation session with Maarten. I had an inactive account that I wanted to optimise with new branding. Maarten’s strength lies in his ability to break down complex components and guide you through the changes in a very simple way. He is very direct, with very helpful suggestions for improvement. He is warm and highly knowledgeable about current trends. Systematic and fast, he goes over and above what is needed. I would certainly recommend Maarten’s programmes. He puts the human touch into the often impersonal online format. This is important if you want to be able to connect with your customers and clients via online platforms.”

Stephanie Van Driesen

Award-winning Malaysian Singer, Actress and Founder, SFA Stage Crafts

The Experience Counts

Maarten van Rijn

Maarten van Rijn


Hey there! My name is Maarten and I am the founder of Perfect Pitch Coach.

At this point you might be expecting a rags to riches story. How I went through hardship and then climbed back up and now have the golden key for you to purchase. My story is a little different though, I will not bother you with my hardships. However I do want you to take something from what I have learned during my career. Having supported major IT projects and programs I have witnessed how many millions get wasted by the lack of asking the right questions. Coming from the consultancy industry it’s so common to hear the words “you guys think you have all the solutions, but you never listen and understand our situation”. The same goes for the careers of many, as so many of my managers often lacked the skill to ask the questions required to understand me. Listening surely is a skill.

How well do you listen and know your clients? When is that last time you asked your online clients for feedback?

If you’re a little bit like me you would agree that your site and marketing should have your client in mind always. Your client should read your messages as if it was written for him/her.

I love getting into your clients head and understand him/her so deeply that you can serve your clients even better.

Are you ready to give your clients what they are looking for and in the process sell more of your products?

Let Your Clients See The Real You
Reach Out for a (Virtual) Coffee

Are you looking to learn more about your clients? Having a challenge translating their problems into a clear message? Or you’d like to have some insights into your current site? Do leave a message below and we’ll get back to you within 1 business day.